Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And you thought I was done?

I spent way too much time preparing for this party, but hopefully it was worth it. Tia was kind enough to document this for us and Neil helped add in a few characters that couldn't make it too the actual date. Along with our tea party complete with chocolate milk and green "drink", we had flamingo croquet, "painting" the roses red, hunting for mome raths, and shooting into the caterpillars smoke rings. I know you all want to hire me for your next birthday party ;).

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Confessions of a mediocre mother take 3

I know that I've fallen behind on what I originally thought I would be doing, but I still want to write about it, if not all that often. I'm trying to come to terms with myself, and not live under that "mom/mormon" thinking of everything within my control has to be perfect at all times and in all places. I can strive for perfection, but I can also be happy as long as I'm trying. To be honest, this isn't my sink. I think only under gunpoint would I let any of you in my home when it(and it definately has) looks like this.
I am happy to say that I have made genuine improvement on my floors. I no longer dread sweeping up crumbs, even though I still don't enjoy doing it. Are there chores out there that people actually look forward to doing? Are you human if you do? Or am I really the abnormal one out there?
Onto the topic at hand: duh, duh, duh (evil music inside my head) the dishes. I actually love cooking, well baking anyway. I think I would do it a whole lot more, if it weren't for the fact that I know I have to clean up my own house. I watch cooking shows with two emotions going through my mind. Jealousy and disgust. Is disgust really the right word I'm going for? Not sure, but it is sort of like watching things like "Meet the Parents" where all I can say is "Stop it! You are making a mess! Just sit on your hands, for crying out loud!" That is how I feel watching Paula Deen make her delectable dishes. Do you really need to dirty a measuring cup, to then put the ingredient in a bowl, just to be then put into another bowl? It just seems silly. I go through my meals trying to decide how to cut out that middle man or bowl. Mashed potatoes are never moved from the pot (and yes that pot is screaming for mercy every time the hand mixer comes out), and who needs to measure? Eyeballing it is so underrated.
The jealousy comes when I realize me telling Paula Deen to cut out her extra cups, is ridiculous not only because she's on the television screen, but because she has a whole crew to do her prep, and clean up. If only I had someone to come clean up my messes. I would make them all day long, and wouldn't stress over whether my children wanting to put apple slices in a bowl. I would probably let Lily where bowls as hats, and not go throught that battle of whether or not it is really "dirty".
My real confession comes at when I do my dishes. I would love to say that if ever there is a dirty dish, I immediatly put it into the dishwasher. I too often fall into the "I will just do it in the morning". There isn't good t.v. in the morning anyway, whereas after dinner, there is always something that I can waste my time watching. Dora is always a show that I don't regret missing, on occasion. And lets be honest, I'm waiting for Neil to do it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Lily has just come out of her shell and decided she likes taking pictures. I have a whole list of them that I can't decide which I like best. She is absolutely a delight to be around these days. I'm looking forward to holidays, just so I can share my kids and let others see how sweet they are. Who cares about the pizza on her face! She's cute!

With a little coaxing from Neil, we have the "Fairy of Death"! My dear sweet, affectionate Isabel is modeling her scary fairy attire.

Abby was a fairy witch. Actually I really don't know what to call their costumes, I just wanted to make these cute tutus, and we turned them into whatever.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can you guess?

Kudos to Neil for taking care of girls and carving all pumpkins, while trying to work from home to finish a deadline. All I can really take credit for is gutting the pumpkins (with help), picking some patterns, and creating a really deformed eye. Each pumpkin has a character attached to it, can anyone guess which ones? We had to finish all of our Halloween party rituals last night, because Neil is heading out to AZ this week and taking Isabel with him. The rest of us will be celebrating Halloween by ourselves. Cookies has to be my favorite part of any holiday and everyone else is so nice to humor me and decorate along with me. One day I'll figure out how to make good sugar cookie frosting. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In response

What a lovely conference weekend we had, right? And what would conference be without some group trying to demine and spin everything our authorities have to say? It happens everytime, and yet the church hasn't come out with any new doctrine. We seem to get the same lessons every six months.
I've been reading a lot of comments that are directed toward President Packers talk, which seem to me have been taken entirely the wrong way. Yes, he did say that acts of homosexuality are immoral and unnatural. Again I ask, anything new? Not really. But on the other hand, I did listen to his talk and while they may have been a little harsh, these words are taken out of context. If only the people angry over his remarks had listened to the entire talk and realized what love and hope eminated from it. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I'm getting angry over something I have zero control over, so I must voice my opinion. Isn't that the beauty of blogs? Say whatever I want, and not get judged for it. You can choose to skip over it (sometimes how I deal with Neil's political rants), or take it for what it is.
I love the argument that God made us like this so we must accept it. This may be the gospel according to Maggie, but I do believe at least part of that is true. God did make us all unique and special, all with our individual talents, along with our flaws and trials. We all know that no one among us is perfect, but what does that constitute? We make mistakes, surely. But we all have different things that cause us problems. I believe that people with homosexual tendencies really are affected, and it isn't by choice. I know too many good people to try to deny it. I believe that the apostles know this as well. There are good people out there who struggle, but I felt his talk was directed to them. Not to chastise them, but to tell them that there still is hope. God loves all his children, especially those struggling to make the right choice. And yes, I do believe family is the right choice. Where some might not think that homosexuality is a sin, but only something given to them, homosexuality does not bring on family. That is what is unnatural about it. Can anyone deny that the laws of nature can only be acheived between a man and a woman? Recently it seems the church has become more open with these types of tendencies and addictions. They are offering help wherever they can.
Every conference I listen to talks on love and acceptance. Why is one comment out of thousands made throughout the weekend, meant to outshine the others? Every 6 months they ask us to repent and do better each day, but I don't believe this is to tear us down and make us feel bad about ourselves. On the contrary, I believe is to uplift us, and help us to want to be better. "Better" is the only to way to truly be happy. I do know that my frustration also comes from the fact that I do know what makes me truly happy. It isn't giving in the whims that will make me temporarily happy, but it's my family. The gospel has given me hope to know that I can have my kids forever. Neil may drive me crazy at times, but it gives me joy to know that he is mine forever. We have been given such a marvelous gift, and I do feel sorry for those that choose not to use it. I don't intend for my comments to come off harsh, but sometimes they do. I haven't been given the gift of speech and use of words. I tend to be a little gruff, but what can I say? That is the way God made me :).
I know that all of the authorities and apostles especially know this. They know what brings on happiness, and the only way they can help those around them, is to ask them to be better. To seek help if needed, because it's there.
There you have it folks, my longwinded explanation for comments made. I know he doens't need my help, but I couldn't let my voice go unheard. If you have any thoughts on the matter, please share!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh what scissors can do!

We had quite an incident here yesterday. Most of you that read my post, already know that Isabel has already tried her hand at cutting hair. It made her mother so upset, I thought she had learned her lesson. Well, needless to say she did it again. (sigh) This time she went and hid in her friend's room and had so much fun with a pair of scissors. I will now attempt to tell the story the way I saw it as they came home to show off what they had done. In come three little girls, I go to see them at the door and notice that Isabel's hair has been chopped off. Of course, I gasp, and say "What happened?!?" A bit retorical, right? (By the way, if you want to see a cute "before" picture of these cute girls, please scroll down a few posts) They respond, "She did it, isn't it nice". "Doesn't it look good?" The two younger girls were so proud (until Isabel looked into the mirror) and happy of their accomplishment. My favorite response was when I asked the friend if their mother knew, she said "Yes, she said it was really cute!" Here is what "really cute" looks like:
Not sure if this next one is a yawn, or realizing how unhappy mom is about this.
But, here we have it, folks! A disaster turned into an okay moment. She didn't like it when she looked into the mirror at the salon, but we've found a way to make her adorable face match her adorable new haircut.

We've been trying out new bows and spikes all day. That is her favorite part; the spikes. Since she has really fine hair, the spikes, or gel, comes out easily, so we've been needing to reapply.
Thank you Sara and Kate for your beautiful bows and clips.
So my tearful moments have been subdued. As cute as this is, please don't let your little girls get the same idea! As well as this disaster has been averted, its not so much fun!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not much to say, just pics

Neil turned 30!! Yes, he has the grey hairs to prove it!
This is his odd request for decorations. Abby said that we needed to have a pirate party for him, so Neil said he wanted Ninja's and Pirates on his cupcakes. This is just my lovely representation of one.

Lily is being such a helper in the kitchen. Okay, I try to do everything either when she's asleep or in her highchair. She is so entertaining! I could just sit and watch her for hours and laugh the whole time.